About Us

About Us

It all started one afternoon right as Summer was starting...

I noticed my 5 year old daughter’s eye (Savvy is her name) starting to float off to the side. I thought she might be getting a lazy eye so I took her in to see her pediatrician for an eye exam.

He was so surprised to see a black dot in her eye and rushed us to Children’s Specialists of San Diego.  They diagnosed her with a congenital cataract that required immediate surgery.

Our wonderful surgeon Dr. O’Halloran explained to us before doing her lens implant how no matter how great her new lens was it was up to us to patch her strong eye in order for the brain to use her new lens and get her vision back in her eye. She also had a pretty severe case of Amblyopia for the eye had this cataract in it since she was born.  It had been up in the upper right quadrant and had just gone undetected.

The surgery was a success and now the patching had to begin.  We could not find a patch that worked for Savvy.  I remember one day while we were on vacation I went into a local pharmacy looking for patches all I could find were brown bandage type eye patches.

Savvy started crying and said, "Mom if you just make me pretty I promise I will wear the patches”.

My husband & I knew we had to do something for her.

Well it just so happens my husband and I have owned and operated a fashion accessory company for 20 years.  We called all our manufactures and started designing and creating Savvy’s very first eye patch kit.

Savvy has sensitive skin.  Many of the patches caused her to rash and were real itchy.  The patches with the big cotton piece over the eye really bugged her eye lashes. Most patches, the adhesive was so aggressive that it ripped her skin & pulled out her eyebrows when we removed her patch.

So we had our eye patch manufacture make our patches latex free, hypo allergenic, non toxic ink, monostretch breathable fabric and a great black out layer that is so thin it never touches or bugs the eye lashes. The adhesive is time released so it stays in place, but when removed it doesn’t rip skin or pull out eyebrows.  In fact you can reuse these patches. We decided to have them made in every color of the rainbow.

We then made her a fun carrying case and filled it with eye patches and all the fun stuff.
Her dad and I gave it to her and told her it was her very own eye patch kit.

Savvy was so happy.

Now every morning Savvy was making a new creative eye patch to match her outfits.  She was no longer embarrassed to wear her eye patches and was really quite proud of them.  Everywhere we went people were complimenting her patch.  She felt real good about herself.

Compliance was no longer an issue

We realized that if Compliance was no longer an issue in our home.  Just how many other families could use our help.

So now we are offering you a variety of fun eye patch kits for your kids.

Each kit has an instruction booklet that helps you use your kits to promote great patch compliance.

Please let us know what your kids thought of their kit and what new things you would like to see in a kit.

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